A Hip Awakening Yin Yoga Workshop: March 7th

A Hip Awakening Yin Yoga Workshop: March 7th

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Join Clara to explore the emotional centre in this Hip Awakening workshop!

March 7th: 545-745pm

The hips are a place of emotion where we carry some of our deepest stresses, anxieties, fears, and vulnerabilities. It is also the location of the second chakra called Svadhisthana, which when blocked impedes the ability to release and flow through mental and physical sensation. In this workshop, we will connect to the emotional centre through Yin Yoga, a practice dedicated to connective tissue and bone. You will be supported in postures that require stillness, awareness, breath, and the capacity to witness and respond with self-love, understanding and compassion. 

This workshop is appropriate for all levels of practitioner!