Beautycounter Mommy & Me Holiday Social

Beautycounter Mommy & Me Holiday Social

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November 13th | 10am-11:15am (free event but please register)

Make the switch to safer beauty for you, your family,  and friends this holiday season! Bring the kiddos to this informal playdate where you can let them play while you learn about making the switch to safer skincare & beauty products for the whole family. 

 What’s going on within the skincare and cosmetic industry that warrants our attention and the need to think before we buy? How about the over 80,000 chemicals on the market today, many of which are put in skincare and beauty products with little to no data on safety. Additionall, many of these ingredients are associated with the current rise in asthma, cancer, and infertility to name just a few. Canada bans 600 ingredients that are known to be harmful to our health, however that’s far short of the European standard where 1400 ingredients are band. Beautycounter strives to hold the highest standard and bans 1500 with the list constantly growing as research develops. Did you know companies can leave harmful ingredients off labels or mask their inclusion with words like "fragrance?" How about “natural" not meaning a thing in reference to health when placed on a label? I think this info is astounding and that’s what made me make the switch to safer products.

Beautycounter believes we deserve better and the company not only offers effective, high qualify, and clean products but they advocate for change. The company’s CEO and founder is a mom on a mission and those within the movement are disproportionately moms too, who are motivated by their children to influence social change towards healthier-cleaner living.

I hope you join me to learn more and to explore Beautycounter's Holiday Line of AMAZING clean beauty products. There is literally something for everyone on your holiday list - kids, teens, women and men. 

I’ll have toys for the kids, light food, and refreshments. You are welcome to bring a friend because good friends don’t let friends use harmful products!

I look forward to sharing safer beauty facts and ways to switch to cleaner products with you!