Bellydance: Fall Series
Bellydance: Fall Series

Bellydance: Fall Series

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Belly Motion is a unique program created for women of all ages and reproductive stages with attention to health. Designed in Europe, Belly Motion is a fusion of belly dance, ballet and flow yoga. Each class consists of a gentle warm-up, dynamic dance lesson and relaxing stretching. The class offers many health benefits to women including improved posture, stronger pelvic floor, menstrual pain relief, preparation for giving birth, postpartum recovery.
Why should women practice Belly Motion?
~ Beautify the way you move
~ Shape up your body
~ Build your confidence
~ Strengthen your back and core
~ Improve your posture
~ Boost your immunity
~ Help your digestion
~ Balance your hormones
~ Empower your fertility
~ Prepare your body for giving birth
~ Recover postpartum
~ Eliminate urinary incontinence
~ Prevent osteoporosis
Thursdays 615-730pm  Sept 13-Dec 13 (14 classes)
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