EFT Workshop Series: Mar 2, 9, 16
EFT Workshop Series: Mar 2, 9, 16

EFT Workshop Series: Mar 2, 9, 16

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March 2 (1-3pm) : Intro to EFT

March 9 (1-330pm): EFT & Creating an Energetic Infused Vision Board

March 16 (1-330pm): EFT & Creative Art Therapy

You are welcome to sign up for each workshop separately, or all 3 for a 10% discount. 

EFT helps us reconnect our minds to our body's messages. We live according to our past history, patterns, poor self image and past traumas. These memories and experiences are imprinted into our subconscious minds, creating limiting life patterns, belief systems, often resulting in unhealthy emotional stress which contributes to health issues. By tapping on key meridian points while incorporating meaningful self talk with the guidance of a certified, professional EFT practitioner we can begin to release the emotional layers responsible for the negative patterns. Creating life harmony and energetically rebalancing ourselves.’ Linda Casano  

Insta: @Linda.MindshiftEFT