Embracing Paradox with Chris Clancy: March 10

Embracing Paradox with Chris Clancy: March 10

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If you have yet to experience Biotensegrity or Chris Clancy's beautiful approach to bringing balance and ease to movement, this is a workshop you don't want to miss!

Mar 10: 2-4pm

If you are attended Chris's Feb 17th Biotensegrity workshop, please email katie@studio202community.com for a $10 discount code for this workshop. 

In this workshop we explore biotensegrity as a model of anatomy that helps us enter into oneness by uniting opposites into synergistic elements of the whole.
Biotensegrity is a model of anatomy and movement that embraces the paradox. This workshop we explore  the mind’s tendency to create division and  how biotensegrity can help us move beyond opposites into the play with the polarities for a greater sense of  oneness and ease.

Biotensegrity says that our structure is based on an ever-changing balance of opposing forces on many scales. Continuous tensional forces hold us together against discontinuous expanding compressional forces. We exist as continuities of tissue, different in specialization yet the same in origin. Everything is connected. We cannot isolate single muscles or bones: when one thing moves everything else responds in complex and sometimes subtle ways. Our movements are not restricted by the delineations of up/down, side to side, back/front that we have been taught, but can be fluid, omnidirectional and spiraling. 

 Biotensegrity opens the door to new explorations in the body by:

•  cultivating healthy posture and movement patterns

•  balancing and healing the fascial matrix of the body

•  finding ease in movement and stillness

•  experiencing wholeness

•  quieting the mind

• bringing yoga philosophy to conversations of emerging science

For more information on Chris' work, please visit: www.chrisclancy.ca