Inspired Leaders Summer Camp

Inspired Leaders Summer Camp

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Each day we will explore what it means to be an Inspired Leader today and ways we can share our gifts with the world to better communities. We will use the chakras (below) as our guide for exploring diversity, perspective, and how to be an effective leader, through discussion, creating, movement, and mindfulness exercises. We support children in their personal growth, offering life skills for greater self-awareness, confidence, providing support to achieve their dreams, and tools to manage stressors in a healthy, productive way. The chakras offer a simple visualization to the tools we learn to become healthy individuals in society: 

Root - Strengths & Healthy Boundaries

Sacral - Creativity

Solar - Self Expression & Will

Heart - Understanding Emotion

Throat - Communication

Third Eye - Listening to Self

Crown - Community & Awareness


~ July 9-13th from 9am-12pm (Mon-Fri). Please email for more summer dates. Ages 8-11.

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