MoMM- Method of Modern Movement: April Series

MoMM- Method of Modern Movement: April Series

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A conditioning class that works through a flow of movements: where fitness meets the foundation of classical dance techniques with a Latin flare celebrating Janelle and Jocelyn's heritage. A full body workout that works on stability, flexibility, strength, endurance, and technique.

The class starts in a circle. The circle symbolizes unison and encouragement. The class begins with a warm-up jog around the room and then a flow of conditioning movements and exercises on the mat. The second half of the class consists of dance combinations; at the barre, and/or in the center and across the floor. The second part of class is different than other classes. It is structured base on the students needs and desires; it could be more about dance or more conditioning.

Thursdays April 19 - May 17: 930-1030am

5 sessions for $75