Spring Break Kids Camp

Spring Break Kids Camp

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 Each day we will explore what it means to be an Inspired Leader through examining the chakras through art, movement, mindfulness, and games appropriate for 5-6 years. We support children in their personal growth, offering life skills for freater self-awareness, confidence, providing support to achieve their dreams, and tools to manage stressors in a healthy, productive way. The chakras offer a simple visualization to the tools we learn to become healthy individuals in society: 

Root - Self-reliance

Sacral - Creative

Solar - Interdependence

Heart - Emotion

Throat - Communication

Third Eye - Wisdom/ Listening to Self

Crown - Intuition


~ Kids Camp runs from March 19-23 from 100pm-230pm (Mon-Fri). Please email for March 26-30th. Ages 5-6. 

Questions? Please email Katie@studio202community.com